Today is the day I officially quit making characters in mugen.
That doesn't mean I am leaving! I'll be here for all your needs and questions!
Recently I've been working on music a lot.

If you're interested in my music be sure to give it a look!


Enjoy your stay! Also if you are wondering, I currently only use Twitter.
If you wnat to tweet me or message me then that's no problem!

Twitter: @ZyuinaPanda

I love you all,

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Tweets of 31st August


@SpazzFox @SkroyFolfsky well it's kinda true though :O
08-31 21:30

"Once lost, never forgotten"
08-31 17:03

08-31 16:47

Haha spam bots
08-31 04:58

@ss3520 thank you :) it was made for @Ruffyluv ~
08-31 04:57

@ss3520 aww! That's nice :D
08-31 04:50

@ss3520 try to rest a bit and maybe music will calm you down
08-31 04:44

@ss3520 Thats baadddddd
08-31 04:39

@ss3520 ohhhh?
08-31 04:31

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Tweets of 30th August


@sexy_burr_4life Bonerlands 2 X3
08-30 14:32

Going to sleep lol
08-30 13:54

RT @HowToBasic: RT if you're feeling eggy
08-30 13:50

@NIICakita o3o what!
08-30 13:31

Wooohooooooooooooo I am so happy :D come here for smooches! *laughs*
08-30 13:27

@Firr best friend~
08-30 13:26

This! @sexy_burr_4life http://t.co/d6WO6Z10NM
08-30 12:00

4 am yaw
08-30 10:59

@BARESTEP congrats on the verified bear paws!
08-30 10:37

@sexy_burr_4life iMessage died >.>
08-30 07:11

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Tweets of 29th August


@nike_chama Yay!
08-29 23:36

@nike_chama Sounds happy :o
08-29 22:34

BLOOOOFF i'm nored so bore so bored, anyone here? D:
08-29 22:27

Do you want to lose weight in a short period? Believe me this works!! Visit http://t.co/jaYcbC2W2p and see what way you could do it~#Bored
08-29 22:27

Oh i looove spam messages! :D So fun!! http://t.co/DQqQ9gGRzS
08-29 22:24

Help a bored panda out!@ #isboredverymuchanddoesnotknowwhattodosoplshelpmeokthx
08-29 22:17

@Mirikun Ahh yeah X3 but I'm sure there are people interested in it!
08-29 21:53

@Mirikun Wow.. :O that's amazing! Hmm, maybe on a wall somewhere?
08-29 21:22

08-29 20:54

Fancehhhh http://t.co/cmdQelDyVv
08-29 20:44

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Moving on~

Hello people.
The time has come, i am going to leave this place.

You can contact me on twitter @PandaciaLake for further needs.

Goodbye and take care,



あなたは、さらにニーズにtwitterの@ PandaciaLake上で私に連絡することができます。



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